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November 2008 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

11 30 2008

Got your nose!

The last time I saw big boy O he was his little sister A's age- now he's gotten so big! I love this of him giving his sister's nose a little poke:And a sweet family giggle:Cutie pie A:Big smiles from the big brother:I love these...

11 29 2008

Four and a half months old and gorgeous

This sweet girl had some wonderful smiles to show us at her shoot last weekend:And grabbing those toes and chewing on them... some of my favorite kinds of pictures:See what I mean about the smiles?And this belly button can't be...

11 20 2008

Smooch for my brother

Big sister H is such a good smoocher! And little brother D seems to be enjoying it :)These guys had some giggles together:I can't believe how big H is getting. I met her and her mom in my first mom's group, when she and my...

11 20 2008

Cheek to cheek

Sweet smiles, cheek to cheek :)Isn't this expression great? He looks many years older than his mere 4 months...And the pretty LJ:Wonderful to see you guys...

11 18 2008

A princess and her tiny prince

These days I love taking pictures of big girls with siblings who are about three or four years older than their younger sibs. My #2 will be 3 and a half years younger than Annie, so it's very fun to watch the dynamics unfold...

11 17 2008

Big boy at the docks

I met up with these guys at a property on the docks they have in Rhode Island. It was a neat space - shells all over the ground looked white like snow, and three year old O and I had fun running around playing on this mucky...

11 14 2008

Just plain fun

I've been taking pictures of big brother T since he was just a little guy, and now his sister M has gotten really big, too! The best part of these two is what a blast they have together:We had no shortage of great shots of the...

11 13 2008

Three handsome boys

Four month old Baby C does such a good job holding up his little head:Big handsome brother J:And even bigger handsome brother C:Three cuties together:And I love the energy of this one - fabulous mom to three boys! Great to see...

11 13 2008

Even tired, still gorgeous

Little G had been up since the crack of dawn when I arrived, but he was an absolute trooper for pictures with his big sister:The girls:The boys:And the whole clan. Wonderful to see you...

11 12 2008

Big girl at the park

I can't believe what a big girl A is becoming! I shot her when she was just a few days old, and it amazes me every time I go back and get a chance to see her:Tossing some leaves around:Waving her flag - feeling patriotic in an...

11 10 2008

Two playful boys

We had a great time running around in the back yard:And the boys spent some time on the couch getting tickled:And big boy J getting a lift:And even bigger boy H playing with dad:It was great to see you guys! Your photos are just...