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December 2008 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

12 23 2008

My last shoot of 2008

What an incredible year it's been! Here's another beautiful girl I've known since she was just a few weeks old. I've loved being there as little N has grown. Here she is now, in all her three year old glory:And telling me all...

12 22 2008

Many years, big girls

I've been taking pictures of these girls every year since I started my business back in 2003, and they've gotten so big!It's sweet, because they know I'm coming, and remember having done this year after year, so the three of us...

12 14 2008

We had snow, and cuteness - all at once

Gorgeous girl B is only ten months old, but she's very sweet to her pup:Doesn't she look like such a little angel here?Some mommy toe kisses:And can't forget the fabulous hat!We actually had snow outside as we were shooting - it...

12 12 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Boys!

I know I missed your first birthday by one day, but I wanted to say a belated happy birthday to these two gorgeous boys:I like this snacktime moment:Here's C alone, showing us his sweet smile:And T getting tossed in the air by...

12 11 2008

Three years of grins

I love going back and seeing families I've known since their babies were tiny - it's so much fun for me. I met big brother W and big sister A three years ago when they were just a few weeks old, and now they have a sweet sister...

12 09 2008

A fun 2 year old guy

We had a great time last week playing with these guys in their backyard:Isn't he a handsome guy?I love this of big boy S being Superman with dad - the curtains behind them are so cool looking!And of course doing some of his...

12 08 2008

Big sister hugs

A huge hug from big sister M gave little sister J a reason to grin last weekend:But her dad's funny faces were even better:Isn't big girl M just gorgeous? I love this one:Wonderful to see you guys again. I hope the move...

12 07 2008

Five smiles, five shots

In choosing my favorite pictures from this cutie's photoshoot last weekend, I had a problem - they were all smiling shots. I know that's not a problem, but I think it says something about the temperament of this gorgeous boy:I...

12 06 2008

Due date buddy

Handsome little G's mom and I share a due date for our #2's. Looks like next year's card picture will have a chubby little cutie in it!Peekaboo with the fabulous tree behind him:Doing his puzzles:And when I say I'm a baby...

12 06 2008

Three months old and full of grins

This cutie pie was sleeping happily in daddy's arms when I arrived, so we let him finish off his beauty rest, and when he woke up, he was ready to play. Here he is getting tickled by his momma:Do you believe this grin?I love the...

12 05 2008

Smiling cuties

I went to college with these cuties' mom, and I loved getting a chance to meet them last week.They're only 18 months apart, and they're so sweet together.And big boy M had fun on daddy's shoulders:But most of all, I love this...