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June 2009 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 30 2009

A sweet old pup and her darling boy

This mom and I have been emailing since 2007 about doing a shoot with her family and two dogs... I'm so glad we finally got to do it. Back in April when she booked this shoot, she was concerned about her older pup, Annie -...

06 29 2009

Drumroll please...

We have our winner! The lovely Katie had 149 votes as of 10pm, and her family wins a free photobook. Yay!  We were down to the wire, I have to tell you. Quite the horse race. And I do have to give honorable mention (and a...

06 29 2009

A new sister, complete with cute toes

A quick break from the contest... I got to go meet new baby S last Friday, and I'm excited to show her parents these sweet photos. I've been taking pictures of big brother M since he was a newborn, just the same size as his new...

06 21 2009

Welcome to the Photo/Story Contest

Thanks for visiting the Photo/Story Contest. Have fun reading the stories and vote for your favorite ones by clicking on the "comments" link here on the blog below the post and entering a quick comment. The photo/story with the...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #2: Hayden

"This photo captures for us the perfect innocence of a little baby. We especially love how his two most edible parts, his chubby cheeks and his tush, are highlighted so nicely. And really, has there ever been such a cute...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #3: This is Nat

"This is Nat, 15 months old. We took him to Phillips beach in Swampscott at the end of the shoot, stripped him down and let him go. He hadn't started walking yet, but was crawling at about 15 miles per hour. He was really...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #7: Bella

"This is one of those picture that really truly gives the saying " a picture is worth 1000 words" some real meaning. Bella was almost a year and had just started walking but when I look at this picture I had that same sense of...