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November 2009 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

11 30 2009

A house of love and books

I started my day on Sunday with a wonderful little 2 year old girl. Her grandma called me months ago, and told me all about little sweet H. Her cerebral palsy means that she sometimes has a tough time in new environments, so her...

11 29 2009

Big brother and his sweet new baby

I walked in the door of this family's house last weekend and big brother S was begging his dad, asking if he could hold his brother. Almost before I could drop to my knees, toss the camera bag to the side of the room, lift the...

11 25 2009

Oh four, I know you well

I've been taking pictures of little Miss E since she was just one, and now she's a big girl of nearly four. I am sooo familiar with the antics of little four year old girls (I have one at home), and this photo illustrated a four...

11 25 2009

Energetic, fun and three

I arrived at C's house this past weekend to find her standing on the coffee table, undressed, doing a fun dance. I knew when I saw her jumping around that we were going to have a great time taking pictures. Her mom had...

11 24 2009

Playing around in the South End

I love the background here of the brownstones and the signature South End street lamps... not to mention the cool 9am shadows, showing how tiny B is compared to her parents as they lift her up and swing her:Isn't she perfect in...

11 24 2009

Perfect rollie pollie cutie pie

I was so excited to see how big this guy had gotten since his 3 month pictures, and he was gorgeous! Chubby little arms and legs... look at how strong he is, holding himself up :) He'll be crawling momentarily.I love this with...

11 22 2009

A sweet boy in a sa-weet hat

I got to go back and see this handsome guy last week for his 3 month pictures - and he's already getting so big! I love this one smiling with his mama and the two pups in the background: Check out that head control! His...

11 20 2009

"You guys really want more pictures?"

Doesn't this expression say so much? Mom, Jess, are you guys serious? Are we really going to take MORE pictures of me and my brother? I have to admit, I look at this picture and at this time of year I kind of feel like this ;)...

11 20 2009

Rockin twins

I've been taking pictures of these sweeties since they were just couple months old. Now they're big and running all over the place! I love this frozen moment with piles of leaves in their hands:Is that a leaf on your head?In...

11 18 2009

Fun in the leaves

These guys had gorgeous piles of leaves all set in their front yard when I got there - and the leaf fight that ensued was full of fantastic moments for pictures:But then this mama told me there was no picture that had ever been...

11 17 2009

A threefer!

I went to college with these three cuties' mom and dad. Their dad gave their mom a gift certificate for this shoot last Christmas, and after a few reschedules, we finally did it! It was so much fun to get a chance to meet them...

11 17 2009

Four times the fun

At 8:15am a couple of Saturdays ago I sent out an email to my waiting list letting them know my 11am appointment had just cancelled due to illness... and this fast typing mama replied right away. She had all FOUR of her...

11 16 2009

Daddy, can I chew your nose?

My six month old is doing the same thing little Z is doing here in this picture - she's chewing anything and everything she can get in her mouth. It's as if she's saying, "Daddy, I've got these teeth coming in, and they're...

11 13 2009

Dahling, you look mahvelous

This was my third visit with Ms. C - we first met when she was just a little newborn, and then I got to come back and see her when she was a beautiful chubby six month old. Now she's a big girl turning one, and she was...

11 13 2009

Monte and his siblings

I am so into this shot of this family's sweet pup Monte. The kiddos in the background become secondary to his handsomeness :) Don't you imagine it's the way every dog imagines themselves in their owner's eyes?Oh OK, we'll look...