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December 2009 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

12 22 2009

Last photoshoot of the decade

This morning I had my last photoshoot of the decade. It's been an amazing 7 1/2 years of baby photography, and where better to end the decade than with a beautiful four day old little lady? I was so happy to get to meet her this...

12 16 2009

Season of giving

You know what's funny? Location shooting with two kids in tow when it's 30 degrees out and you're losing the light. Well, actually, I don't know if funny is the right word. ;)Normally I'd never bring my own kids on a photoshoot...

12 12 2009

Help-Portrait Boston

What an incredible day! Fourteen other photographers and I came together today to take some pictures just to make people feel good. And look at that. It made us feel good too. The brainchild of celebrity photographer Jeremy...

12 11 2009

A one year old book loving monkey

As I was looking back through this photoshoot from Tuesday, trying to pick my favorite shots for the blog, two themes emerged with this big one year old girl. Before I get into themes and all that "I'm working on my homework for...

12 10 2009

Help-Portrait on Saturday

Do you like to take pictures? If you haven't already heard about Help-Portrait, watch this video. And take some time on Saturday to do something. Anything. I'm so excited about...

12 10 2009

3 weeks old and grinning already?

I'm smack dab in the middle of editing a newborn session from this past weekend, and I had to quickly post this one because it's too perfect.Doesn't baby S know she's not supposed to be grinning for a few more weeks? She's way...

12 08 2009

Four gorgeous profiles

I'm working on this shoot tonight - and I had to share this profile collage. It was their creative mom's idea, and I love it. The rest of your pictures are coming tomorrow,...

12 08 2009

Three boys give a holler

I think Kathy (mom in this family) gets the prize for most patient waiting list family. She was on the waiting list for what felt like forever this fall, and kept trying to get appointments whenever I had a cancellation. She was...

12 07 2009

Star Wars and a bright xmas tree

This past Saturday was raining buckets, and I called these guys and said - I think we should do this after the holidays are over. It's just too gross out, and I know O will have a better time if we can go outside. We went back...

12 07 2009

Lots of twin boy hugs

This photo has me giggling - even at this late hour. C grabs T to plant one on him, square in the center of his mouth. Hilarious. The hugs at this shoot were awesome - the boys had such fun playing together.During this...

12 06 2009

Big brother rocker

This picture cracks me up. Doesn't big brother P look like Ozzy Osborne or something here? Except he's a peaceful rocker :)What a sweet pair:Running around a bit outside with Dad:And I know his dad is going to love this picture...

12 04 2009

Welcoming a girlie

Patience is a virtue, they say, and these guys' momma has it in spades! I promised her these photos days ago, and then life got in the way and here it is Friday. But I am so happy with these, I hope you guys are, too. After...