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March 2010 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

03 22 2010

3 month old perfect pout

I am officially obsessed with this shot of 3 month old S - her perfect pout is killing me! And I'm also loving the giggles with her mama: With her handsome big brother T: A grab for mama's finger: In her pretty...

03 21 2010

2 pounds of fluff and attitude

Today I got to meet the teeniest, tiniest little cutie patootie Maltipoo puppy.  She's only twelve weeks old and at her last appointment she weighed in at a whopping one and a half pounds.  She's been eating and growing like...

03 19 2010

Three boys and some cookie dough

Got to come back and see these boys again last weekend, and the two older brothers had been joined by a third.  This one of the three of them cracks me up - I feel like it tells such a story :) We'll start in the middle, with...

03 18 2010

Lens slobber never hurt anyone

I've been called many, many times over the past eight years to do dog photos, and I've always just referred my clients to other wonderful photographers who specialize in animal photography.  But when all of a sudden this month...

03 17 2010

Expressions at 9 months old: awesome

So this was my third visit to see this handsome devil - we did three month pictures, six month pictures, and now nine month... it's so wonderful to see the changes when I get a chance to document little guys in their first...

03 11 2010

Welcoming a lovely lady

I keep coming back to this one as I'm editing these photos -  the curled toes on one foot, the relaxed toes on the other. I love to see how teenie little J's feet are next to her mama's thumb.  We got tons of beautiful ones of...

03 10 2010

Stepping back and appreciating it

My photographic style often has me really close up to some pretty beautiful little people.  I love being close, capturing those moments as the sneeze happens, as the yawn crests... But once in a while I see something happening...

03 09 2010

Next month, my 900th photoshoot?!

Wow. I just realized that in April I'll have my 900th photoshoot ever.  It really feels like just a few years I've been doing this, but I guess it's been a while.  I can't express how much I've loved doing this, and how...

03 09 2010

Thirty tootsies and a big fat kiss

Ooh I had no idea we'd gotten this shot during the session, and when I started editing them I was so excited when I found it!  LOVE this. I came to celebrate B's first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and because I'd done cute...

03 06 2010

Nursery School Photography? Sure.

When my older daughter started nursery school last year, I heard from her school that they were interested in trying something different for the school photos.  They asked me to go for it, and last year I did, and it was...

03 02 2010

Introducing Lady Kay

I got to visit my college roommate and one of my oldest and dearest friends today, and meet her new sweet Kay, at just 8 days old.  I must go downstairs and paint my guestroom (long story, but guests arrive Friday and there's...

03 01 2010

Classic six month old babe

I've known this guy's momma for almost nineteen years! We must have been babies when we met... because aren't I only about 19 years old? Oy. As I was looking through these photos we got at T's session, I started to feel like...