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July 2010 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

07 13 2010

Three's easy

These guys make having three kids look easy.  They're an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and I loved seeing them again. Had to get one of the lovebirds, too ;) Share this on...

07 13 2010

Two under two, for just a bit

Big brother H I got to meet when he was a mere 12 hours old, but this time I had to wait a few days to meet new sister L - my vacation schedule got in the way :( But doing it after these guys got home from the hospital was even...

07 12 2010

Our ninth shoot!

It's been seven years and nine shoots.  I can't express how much these guys mean to me - I LOVE taking their pictures and will move heaven and earth to get to see them for our annual shoot each year.  I'm going to stick to my...

07 03 2010

A whole year

K-man's 4th shoot of the year!  We did 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and now 1 year photos this year, and I can't believe how quickly it went by. We met in the Public Garden to wrap up the year. Squish! Share this on...