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September 2010 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

09 12 2010

Last post for a week or so...

OK, so I told myself I wasn't going to edit ANY MORE until after my sister's wedding next week.  But then Heather and her family got all crazy on me and jumped off the stone wall this afternoon.  In the late afternoon...

09 08 2010

Blogging hiatus, apologies...

I am so in love with all the editing I'm doing these days - I wish I had time to blog them and show you all these cuties. I am cramming to finish everything before my baby sister gets married this month, so no blog posts for me...

09 02 2010

Two grinning, talented sisters

Look at the huge grins on these two! They played Heart and Soul like nobody's business :) Dancing with mama: And now I'm afraid I'm going to show you too many of the running around crazy pictures, but I am just in love...