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November 2010 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

11 30 2010

An apology

I had to put a quick note up here to apologize to twenty-three of my November families - I gave up on blogging this month in the effort to get your pictures edited and to you ASAP... but I love being able to choose my favorites...

11 28 2010

It's holiday card time! just emailed me asking me to promote that they have a Cyber Monday deal for tomorrow (I think it's already good though): 10% off $99; 15% off $149; 20% off $199. Use Code: CYBERMON For more information about all...

11 21 2010

A visit from the left coast

I've been a terrible blogger this month, I'm so sorry.  I'm rushing to get everyone's photos edited and out to them as fast as I can, and that often means sacrificing the blog posts, and I'm sorry about that. So Evan and I...

11 18 2010

Three scooter-riding airplane fliers

I don't usually start a blog post with a family shot, but this one says so much about this super fun family, I love it. Best expression ever - and love littlest brother A in the background, also pointing his airplane to the...

11 17 2010

Another gorgeous two under two

A kiss? From a big brother who isn't even two years old yet? Rare.  And when it happens, and you also get curly eyelashes and an adorable three month old sticky-uppy do and sweet little splayed fingers......

11 12 2010

Five and seven, obviously

These guys are SO five and seven. :) Handsome as the dickens... And super fun to boot. Sometimes on the way to get a cute picture like this... get some (more?) fabulous ones along the way. So happy to...

11 09 2010

Big happy sis, leetle sweet brudda

Favorite, favorite, favorite!  I love this one so much. But this one's pretty great too. Wait, wait, I actually love this one a lot too. The curls on big sister aren't to be believed. And the grins on little brother...

11 04 2010

Six is a charm

I have to start at the end with these guys, because this is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Dad's expression, looking over at Mom, who's just coming into the frame. All four of them, piled up on him... it really...