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February 2011 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

02 15 2011

His one month birthday

I should start by introducing his handsomeness, Mr. B: YAWN... Teenie tiny on the big bed: Tiny toes... Wonderful to meet you guys - congratulations! Share this...

02 14 2011

Sistery Valentines

I got to go see these two beauties a couple of weeks ago, but it was a big secret and I wasn't allowed to post anything on here until now, because it was a present for their dad. When big sister B was about little sister P's...

02 14 2011

Happy Smooch Day

I'm a big fan of kiddo smoochy pictures, so I had to get my girls doing it quick before they're horrified and refuse to do this kind of thing for me. Hope your day is filled with lots of...