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May 2011 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

05 31 2011

What a gorgeous, wide open smile

Don't you just love how this little sweetheart opens her mouth so wide to smile for us?  With her cute little tongue peeking out? Having some fun with Dad: And then, wait, not so sure about what Dad just...

05 26 2011

Playing in the driveway

For the 2nd time shooting these awesome kiddos, we played in their driveway - and it was, again, super fun.  Their mom jokingly apologized for her kids running me over with the car, but how fantastic is this cool, functional...

05 24 2011

Handsome, handsome, and still adorable

Been a few years since I've seen these guys, and while their little sister M went from two to five in those years and has stayed adorable and super fun - big brothers A and C have spent those years growing into handsome, cool...

05 10 2011

That boy can hook a trout!

With over a thousand photoshoots under my belt, it's hard to introduce a new kids activity to me.  Not to say that I'm bored of any of it - I'll play Legos and dressup and take fun pictures of it happily for the next many...

05 05 2011

Two handsome boys take their Communion

So I have to start by showing you these two eight year old guys together with their beautiful mama, since Mother's Day is just around the corner. Aren't they handsome?  Love the white linen shirts and seersucker pants for their...

05 03 2011

Double perfection

I met this perfect pair of three month old boy/girl twins last weekend - I love this as sister A gives a little giggle: And here you can see their beautiful faces a bit better: When one's feeling good, the other......

05 01 2011

Fantastic expressions

And  for me, of all the fantastic expressions, this one takes the cake - eyebrow raise/splayed fingers and extra arm/leg rolls and all :) But actually, the whole shoot was full of awesome expressions: See what I...