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August 2011 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

08 31 2011

Matching boys

Love this :) As I was editing these I started to notice a handful of moments when the boys were doing exactly the same thing at the same time.  So cool... And... Just so handsome: The littlest lawn mower: The...

08 22 2011

Two bigs with a little on the way

Come October, these big beautiful siblings will have a new baby in the family, and they're already getting excited.  I've been taking pictures of these guys since little brother A was tiny (and they're only 15 months apart in...

08 22 2011

Another gorgeous girl joins the family

I met big girl T a few years ago when she was just a few weeks old, and her sister C joined the family just a week before our photoshoot,  so I got to do another newborn shoot with these guys.  Isn't she beautiful?  This...

08 18 2011

Another belly, two years later

It's been just about two years since I saw this little South End cutie for his (maternity and then) newborn pictures.  And now I got to come back and visit for some more belly pictures of his pretty mama and fun daddy, quick...

08 15 2011

Now it's her turn

So much history, so little space on the blog.  My college roommate's kids are getting bigger and bigger, and last weekend we did pictures to mark little sister K's passage into the year-and-a-half era - just as we'd done for big...

08 01 2011

Fourth newborn shoot!

I'm so lucky that these guys came back from Arizona for a visit!  They had their first son seven years ago and were living in the Boston area.  We took sweet pictures of him when he was just three weeks old.  Then they moved,...

08 01 2011

Three cuties and the beach

I met these guys at the house before heading over to their neighborhood beach, and I am just in love with this first picture we got -- how perfect?? But then we zipped over to the beach and got some great fun pictures by the...