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January 2012 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

01 31 2012

Tuesday tips: Big sibling/new baby

Trying to get pictures of big bro/sis with new baby? Get prepared first. Be somewhere with good light. Take practice pictures of just the older one in the spot. Have someone else put the baby in and then just shoot like mad. You...

01 20 2012

A third boy joins the family

We did little D's pictures on Wednesday morning, when he was just six days old.  His two big brothers were off at school, so we got to spend some quiet time getting just D and Mama pictures.  Wonderfully sweet. I'll tease you...

01 17 2012

Tuesday tip: Let them play

Let them play - spontaneous pictures are much more fun than posed ones. You have to take a lot (and put up with a lot of motion blur) before you get something worth keeping, but that's...