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April 2012 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

04 30 2012

Spring Public Garden Mini-shoot #2

These three year old twins are pretty fantastic. High-fives are hiLARious :)  (I think this is my favorite one of all - I love it so much.) Nose kisses. They rode on the duck statues, and a couple of real ducks came...

04 29 2012

Spring Public Garden Mini-shoot #1

Yesterday was gorgeous!  I had thirteen shoots over the day, and each one was a treat.  I loved seeing familiar faces and meeting new families, and we got so lucky with the weather.  Now I'm going to try to keep these blog...

04 29 2012

Giggly and perfect

I have to start this with my favorite (burst-out-laughing-as-I-edited) photo.  We were playing with dandelions and big five year old brother S wanted to show one to ten month old A... and she was nonplussed. Best. Expressions....

04 25 2012

6 months old and FAB thighs

OK, my friends know it takes a lot to get me to go grab my camera when we're hanging out.  Honestly, it feels like work, and when I'm hanging out with friends and their babies, I'd much rather cuddle those sweet babies and...

04 24 2012

Tuesday tips: Pups and babies

Get your camera ready, this one will be quick - and you'll need an assistant. You get into position, and get the pup somewhere comfy (the bed? the couch?). Now get the assistant to put your kiddo in next to the pup, and you shoot...

04 10 2012

Tuesday tips: It's all right to cry

It seems momentarily cruel to take a picture as your little guy's eyes brim with tears and that lower lip starts to quiver (and I'm not suggesting running for the camera just after it happens)... but if you happen to get to the...

04 04 2012

Gorgeous mama-to-be

I got a message from Hong Kong about this pretty mama - one of her very best friends in the world is literally living on the other side of the world these days and needed to see her Jamaica Plain friend's big round belly, and...

04 03 2012

Tuesday tips: Grandma & Grandpa

Include grandparents in pictures whenever you have the chance.  Sometimes this requires more preparation than you expect - you can't just grab a camera anytime when your own parents/in-laws are involved.  Give them a little...