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September 2012 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

09 25 2012

Four make me smile

My mom is one of four, and my three aunts are three of my favorite people in the world. I can't help but be reminded of my grandparents' strict but loving house whenever I get a crew of four for photos.  So I guess it's safe to...

09 21 2012

Dimples and a fantastic smile

This little 3 month old cutie blew me away on Sunday - she was just full of grins and her dimples were perfection. Even when she rubbed her eyes with the universal sign for, "Um, I'm tired, guys" - she still held it together and...

09 21 2012

8 years in... still perfecto

I just looked it up and realized this is my 8th year shooting L&W - I started when L was three and W was one.  Now look at them! L is climbing trees and channeling Katniss (she's read the whole series three times) and W is...

09 18 2012

Three having fun in the sun

Bummer when the grass is wet, eh? This happens so often to me, but it still makes me laugh. So when it's been a rainy morning, but it clears up (or even early some mornings when the dew gets the grass all wet) and we go outside -...

09 17 2012

Curls and giggles

I feel like an old lady when I keep saying things about these babies getting bigger and bigger every year - but wow. The curls on this big sister and the walking around little brother... where does the time go? Gorgeous. I love...

09 13 2012

Happy birthday, baby girl!

This fantastic little girl and her mama did a baby's first year package with me this year, and opted for package #2 - with 5 photoshoots in the first year.  This means I really felt like I got to watch her grow -- it was so fun...

09 12 2012

Another of the boys turns two

So it's a family tradition for these guys - we did this back when big 5 year old brother C was two, and now it's two year old middle brother O's turn - we spent most of our time getting fun pictures of him this time. I think my...

09 06 2012

Brother adventures

Oh I love going back a year later! Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful and amazing to chronicle babies throughout their first year (now I feel like I need to link to the Baby's First Year package), but there's this incredible fun...