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October 2012 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

10 30 2012

Fall Public Garden Minishoot #10

These guys came to their shoot with a fabulous bonus family member - Dad's little brother. What's better for two brothers who love to toss the ball around? A bigger friend and brother who's happy to toss it too! These guys make...

10 23 2012

Public Garden Mini-shoot #6: Run!

And here's my last peek into blogging for the night - these guys asked for a quickie blog post and we had such fun I had to oblige.  And just for good measure (because the mama in this family and I go way back) I'm fulfilling...

10 01 2012

October blogging break

It's that time of the year again - when I start shooting sooo much that there's no time for sleep or much else.  So blogging is on hiatus, guys - I'll pop up once in a while with a post in the next eight weeks, but it's nose to...