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March 2013 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

03 22 2013

Two friends, two bellies

Bang for your buck - that's what I call this. You visited the blog, thought you might get to see pictures of a gorgeous, round, happy belly, and lo and behold, you get two.  How lucky are you? My sister (belly on the right) and...

03 21 2013

The biggest BBP picture ever

Just setting records over here... nbd. This has got to be the biggest Boston Baby Photos picture ever.  You may have even seen it on 93 if you were driving North into the city recently. For about three weeks this photo that I...

03 19 2013

He's finally here!

Last May these two fantastic mamas hired me to come take pictures of them for their adoption photo album. These guys are friends of mine, so I've waited with bated breath for their baby to arrive. Now, ten months after that...