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06 11 2015

A tiny sister joins them

I got to document this tiny girl last week when she was just eight days old. She's a perfect four pound peanut, and her big sister is so incredibly loving and kind toward her new baby sister. The girls: And her big...

05 02 2015

Brothers getting to know each other

I loved getting to see big boy J again, and to meet his new baby brother. I'm also excited because J did the baby's first year package when he was a wee one, and now I get to come back and see his new brother T a few more times...

01 13 2015

Cousins in the leaves

This was one of my last minishoots last fall - on that weekend before Thanksgiving when the leaves were just bursting with color on the ground. And who shows up for one of my local-to-Milton "afterschool minis" (which we actually...

09 19 2014

Crazy fun boys

Had to blog a few before we kick off the fall editing, and this one was one of my last few shoots of the summer -- what fun kiddos. This first one is my absolute favorite. Tumbling and crazy. Just love it. Mama picked...

07 30 2014

Four of 'em, daring to be true

Around the holidays last year one of my sister's best high school friends called me and said that she wanted to give a group photoshoot to three of her friends from high school who'd all had babies in the last few years. I got...

07 08 2014

The third two year old brother

This is the third time I've visited these guys, and we always do it when one of the brothers turns two. What a fun tradition! I love punctuating childhoods like this. What fabulous crew. Wonderful to see you...

11 25 2013

Fall Public Garden Minishoot #19

This fall I had two Public Garden Minishoot days - one at the end of September, and one at the end of October. During those two shoot days I met about twenty families for quickie 20 minute photoshoots, and lucked out with...

11 14 2013

A sister who loves to giggle

After a bit of winter cold rescheduling, we finally got these guys documented! 6 year old H and 3 year old W welcomed their new baby sister E in mid-September, and we got to get pictures when she was just about two months old and...

05 10 2013

Spring Public Garden Minishoot #8

It's so fun for me to know people first as friends and then get a chance to take their pictures - I love that. I'm lucky enough to have met many many people as clients first and then over years and years of watching their babies...

12 04 2012

Chilly day, but warm inside

We spent this whole photoshoot indoors because it was warm and cozy in there - and what's better than rolling around on the bed, on the couch, just playing. I have one cuddly picture in here that tells a little story from the...

12 01 2012

A little holiday art project

These two are just brilliant - do you believe they know how to spell MERRY XMAS? I mean, really? The complexity, understanding that "X" - Mas is a shortened version of Christmas? Makes sense, I mean they only had that small...

09 25 2012

Four make me smile

My mom is one of four, and my three aunts are three of my favorite people in the world. I can't help but be reminded of my grandparents' strict but loving house whenever I get a crew of four for photos.  So I guess it's safe to...

09 12 2012

Another of the boys turns two

So it's a family tradition for these guys - we did this back when big 5 year old brother C was two, and now it's two year old middle brother O's turn - we spent most of our time getting fun pictures of him this time. I think my...