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Boston Sensory Solutions & BBP
04 09 2017

Boston Sensory Solutions & BBP

I had the opportunity this week to hang photos over at a really cool space, and I wanted to show you guys. Do you guys know about Boston Sensory Solutions? It is an extraordinary place for kids with a sensory processing...

10 15 2016

BBP at Hyde Park Pediatrics

I love hanging my photos in Boston area pediatricians' offices. You guys can be my eyes out there - when you go see your pediatrician, peek in the Newborn Waiting Room. Do they have great artwork in there? Do they want me to put...

09 26 2016

My iPhone is in the wayback

I need to interrupt this regularly scheduled photography blog for a personal note. So the real truth is I've been challenged by trying not to look at my phone while I'm in the car for years. I've taken pledges, I've downloaded...

02 05 2016

Completely off topic...

OK, I know this is my work blog, and I use it to show you adorable babies and their chubby wrist rolls and holiday card recommendations and announce minishoots (yes, that's a link for you enterprising types who are ready to...

category: news
09 16 2015

2015 Holiday card vendor roundup

Well, here it is September... we blinked and the summer flew by, and now that kids are back to school we can start thinking about the fall. And why not spend a little time thinking about one of my favorite parts of the fall......

06 02 2014


Do you believe it? I was wondering if we could hit $5,000 and you guys just kept sending checks! We raised $6,106 for The Jimmy Fund, and I'm just a puddle. I am overwhelmed with gratitude... love... I'm just bowled over by your...

05 05 2014

Artists' Round Table at Brookline Library

Tonight I joined four wonderful artists in a round table discussion at the Main Brookline Library (where the BBP show is hung through June 1st) and my head is still spinning thinking of the fantastic conversation. The topics we...